Role-playing games [RPG] – are narrative-based social games in which players take on the roles of fictional characters. The whole gameplay usually takes place in a fictional world, existing only in the imagination of the players. RPG is the so-called “games without electricity” in which we use cubes, pencils, sheets of paper and a lot of imagination.

It outlines the appearance of the area on which the players move. The map is divided into square boxes, each with a side of 1 inch, on which figurines or markers representing players move. Often one field is the equivalent of 1 yard or square meter – thanks to the map, we can easily calculate the distance the player travels in one turn.

LUXIT took its name from 5 basic types of cartons included in a single set I’m going in! Each type resembles a letter shape. Turn “L”, dead end “U”, intersection “X”, straight corridor or road “I” and fork of roads “T”.

For each set, in addition to the standard 24 cards, we add one random card from another set or extension. These can be popular LUXIT cards from other locations or rare special cards with unique places!

After purchasing and opening the set you will receive a surprise gift, which will certainly be useful during the RPG session. Unfortunately, we can not tell you what it is – after all it’s a surprise;)

Sure! Locate your adventure in the woodlands that cover the entrance to the forgotten temple. All cards are divided into fields of the same size, so you can build huge maps, mazes, dungeons and entire cities.

We are constantly working on new locations for various RPG systems. We have plans in sets for dark places from books by H. P. Lovecraft, medieval locations of dark fantasy worlds, cyber cities of the future, foreign planets and many other additions!