How to use maps

I’m going in! are unique sets of cards for creating tactical maps used in role-playing games. Such games are maintained in various conventions: fantasy, science fiction or horror, which is why sets I’m going in! they also have different locations that can be adapted to many systems.

In the role-playing games, the adventure is often quite free. From time to time, however, there is a need to change the turn-based game mode, for example during a fight, ambush or penetrating a closed room or area. In such a moment, a tactical map is usually created that outlines the appearance of the area on which the players move. The map is divided into square boxes, each with a side of 1 inch, on which figurines or markers representing players move. Often one field is the equivalent of 1 yard or square meter – thanks to the map, we can easily calculate the distance the player travels in one turn.

What are role playing games?

Role Playing Games

Role-playing games [RPG] - are narrative-based social games in which players take on the roles of fictional characters. The whole gameplay usually takes place in a fictional world, existing only in the imagination of the players. RPG is the so-called "games without electricity" in which we use dices, pencils, sheets of paper and a lot of imagination.

One set I’m going in! has 24 cards made of a thick cardboard [620g], of size 5 × 5 inches each. For each set we also add 1 random surprise tile “Lucky Strike”  from another set 🙂

The set contains 5 basic card patterns [LUXIT system], which during the game allow you to create corridors, rooms, enclosed areas or entire complicated maps.

Each card is divided into 25 areas with a side of 1 inch. In these areas, you can place figures or markers that most often represent the heroes of players and enemies.

One set, together with “Lucky Strike” allows you to create a map consisting of a maximum of 625 areas with a side of 1 inch – or about 0.4 square meters!

Cards I’m going in! can be freely rotate by 90 degrees. Combined with 24 elements of the set gives you great opportunities to create many combinations of maps, rooms and corridors.

Nothing prevents you from connecting several different sets. Other sets of cards allow you to create new locations, suited to the scenery of the game – Forest, City, Underworld, Temple and many more.

To represent players and enemies on cards I’m going in! use collectible or borrowed figures from various battle games, whose bases do not exceed 1 inch in width. However, if you do not have such figures – nothing is lost! In our store, apart from the sets, you can also order simple tags that will work perfectly in the game.

The sold sets consists only of tiles I’m going in! Figures, dices or markers appearing in the pictures are not included to the sets and appear only for the purpose of visualization.